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Karma Nelson Fitness is a Christian family focused fitness coach. A mother of three she understands the hectic life of a family on the go. She became a coach after she enacted some changes in her and her family’s life with faith, nutrition, and fitness that resulted in notable results to friends and family. After her success Karma started to motivate those around her to take control of their health. Today Karma’s message of faith & fitness resonate to success stories through the United States. She is an expert speaker and motivator for mom’s who are challenged each day to fight for their family’s health and fitness.

Excert from Karma Nelson Fitness

Four years ago it was a much different story… we had just filed bankruptcy, and I thought I was going to DIE! Broke, unhappy, lonely, heartbroken, martial issues and barely able to afford milk, I took a leap of faith and became a Beachbody Coach, not only to help myself feel better, but to help my family get out of debt! Heart healed, life changed, health improved, marriage stronger, family first, and living our life by design plus earning a 6-Figure Income Working Part-time! – See more




Karma Nelson Fitness


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