We build brands with razor sharp strategies that promise results

All developing enterprises have one thing in common – each undergoes change. This can be for the better if it is streamlined with a strategy that can ensure optimum results. Entrepreneurs who are visionaries, have already ascertained that digital technology can be used to encourage and drive transformative growth. Social Media Digital Strategy

At Incend Media, we honor those futurists and encourage others to do the same, by analyzing each aspect of their business before coming up with a roadmap for their success. Our consultants have extensive experience advising senior executives on how they can predict and use online trends to their organization’s benefit. This has allowed a number of our corporate clients to transform their brands and strengthen their business infrastructure.

We Make Changes work with Bespoke and Result Driven Digital Strategies

Innovative leaders know that in order to create transformative processes, change can be used to turn the tide in their favor. At Incend Media, we boast a large senior clientele that we have had the pleasure of satisfying with bespoke digital solutions and which turned said changes into competitive advantages.

Each assignment is received and treated with the same level of respect, regardless of budget. The strategies we employ offer long term results. This includes:

  • A digital roadmap for you to follow
  • Financial modeling as per business objectives
  • Digitally focused products and solutions
  • Targeting multiple digital channels to maximize exposure
  • Digital process design and brand launches

These are just the tip of the iceberg! We use the complete breadth of our extensive range of digital media services to create unique insights in your business. This is followed by result driven recommendations that leverage existing business practices to ensure optimum results.

Our main aim is to ensure our clients unlock new avenues that can drive growth, enhance their current business practices and give them an edge over their competitors. We take pride in our in-depth knowledge of marketing and the latest tech in the industry. This unique marriage has allowed us to ensure a seamless transition that starts from an innovative strategy to successful implementation. Social Media Digital Strategy

Social & Digital Services

Reputation Audit
Display Ads & Retargeting
Social Media Keyword Research
Blog Audience Development
Social Media Tool Development
Podcast/Videocast Set-up and Design
Blog Set-up and Design
Viral Campaign Development
Social Network Application Development
Microblogging Set-up
Custom Social Application Development
Training – Social Media
News Room – Social Media
Press Release – Social Media
Online Reputation Management
Content Monitoring Strategy
Real-time Blog Monitoring
Custom RSS Update Feeds
Targeted Feedback Campaigns
Social Network Monitoring

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Social Media Digital Strategy

Talk is cheap – Our Result Driven Strategies can be Guiding Lights to your Success

Our consultants have years of experience and knowhow to create digital blueprints that can prove assets for your growing enterprise. This includes:

  • Competitor Analysis according to target customers
  • Strategically geared digital approach to each assignment
  • Brand strategies and planning
  • Content and social marketing strategy
  • SEO and SEM search strategy
  • Email marketing according to successful trends

And much more! We acknowledge each client’s most pressing marketing requirements such as message customization, analytics, digital integration etc to ensure their success. We utilize only performance based marketing techniques and stratagems so that our clients can:

  • Maximize their business’s customer relevance
  • Enhance sales growth and profits
  • Lower costs and control resources used more effectively
  • Create multi-channel digital strategies that can drive growth

In other words, we cover our clients’ interests with a fine toothed comb via digital strategies that can make their business a customer magnet. Social Media Digital Strategy


Personal Account Manager

Each Client is matched with their own personal account manager. No calling into a data center as you have direct access to discuss your needs almost immediately. This direct access to your manager helps the efficiency of executing a successful digital road-map.

Analytics & Reporting

We believe all decisions within an organization can run through the 80/20 rule. 80 percents of the decisions need to be based on reporting and analytics. We are dedicated to following the data trail and you will be too; once you see the results.

Planning & Execution

Every post, article, the marketing effort is planned and scheduled. For many years people spent most of their time trying techniques and tactics that bread little or no results. Personalized solutions, Data-driven decisions, and planning are what drive our clients.

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