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Who is Incend Media?

Incend Media is a digital marketing agency based in Southwest Missouri with teams in Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; and Orlando, Florida.

Our team started in 1995 as a small business service company called Anet. We began with a vision to build a company that would produce highly effective web-based business solutions for our customers. To do this, we focused on emerging digital media as the foundation on which we would build. By 2002 Anet was in over 30 countries and making the world aware of the value of marketing online.

Today, Incend Media has seen its vision become a reality; our foundation of digital media leads all forms of media in the areas of communication, socializing, advertising, and marketing. Because of our perspective, which has sharpened across the decades, it gives our clients an edge over their competitors in a continually evolving digital marketplace.

With our over two decades of creating compelling content, dynamic marketing strategies, captivating creative web design, and stout web applications, we know there is more on the horizon. Our passion focuses on discovering the next breakthrough form of spellbinding digital media to put it to work for our clients.

When it comes to our team, we are a group of unique individuals who each bring a quality to the table, which makes us greater as a whole.

We are full of interesting creative ideas!

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With a successful team of in-house creative and technical talent as well as hand-picked vendors, we maintain an effective mix of development experience and seasoned team members in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our international client base.
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Check out some interesting facts about our team.


The dynamic nature of the web and marketing has created a team that lives for change.

Strong Leaders

Our Senior Advisors have leadership skills that could only be learned through experience.


Our team makeup includes those who have MBAs in Marketing, BBA's in Accounting, and BS's in Creative at institutions such as Northwest, Evangel, and the University of Colorado.


Being client-centered is more than a mental attitude and an ethical stance. It is also a skill set. In order to be client-centered, our team seeks to effectively understand our clients.


With over two decades of experience working online with clients from all business verticles, the team at Incend Media will continually provide a holistic approach to the client's success.

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