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Powerful Email Marketing Services

It may sound like something from the late 1990s, but email marketing remains one of the most effective methods to reach your customers. If your company has been neglecting email as a marketing tool, it is depriving itself of a highly useful tool. In recent studies, email has been shown to be a more effective marketing tool than social media; which is a surprising but true statement.

We all use email every day. The average person checks their email several times during the day looking for important messages such as bills and special offers. By its very nature email is a trusted method of receiving messages.  While social media can be useful for building brand awareness, email has proven to produce more conversions. At Incend Media, we know how to orchestrate an effective email campaign. We know what works in email and what does not. Here are some ways we can improve your bottom line through email.

Incend Media will take your email to the next level. We will do what it takes to turn your email list into a valuable resource that will help both your SEO efforts and your bottom line. We will take the task of emailing customers off your plate. When we are done, your email marketing will turn viewed emails into conversions.

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We Will Make Your Customers Feel Like an Insider

Customers love to get a look behind the curtain, and when they receive news about a product or service your company has to offer before the general public, they feel like they are an insider. This effect is even more significant when you offer coupons or early access sales to the people who will join your mailing list. We know how to write emails that will make your customers feel valued and special, like an insider.

Email Has Your Company’s Target Demographic Built In

We understand that people who sign up for your mailing list are in fact your core customers. There is no easier way to determine to what your target demographic is than by looking at the profiles on your mailing list. We will help you to design a questionnaire that asks enough questions to know who your customer is without causing the customer to bounce. Through your email sign up process, we can determine how old your core customers are, their gender, their income and their geographic area. We will use the data accumulated from your email list to assist in improving your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Impactful Email Templates

We know that email can be used as a tool for a number of things. With that in mind, we will design an email template that enhances your SEO campaign. Incend Media will be sure your web address is prominently displayed in each email.  We will be sure that your emails are sharable in order to get more clicks on your links. We will include share icons which let your email recipients instantly and easily share your content or offers with their followers on social media. Through this technique, we will increase email and social media shares which will increase your brand awareness while driving traffic to your site at the same time. By including previous posts on your website in emails, we will drive clicks on pages across your company’s website, which in turn will improve your website rankings.

Search Engines Won’t penalize our Emails

Email marketing does not impact your standing search engines. Your website will not be penalized for sending out an email blast with links to your site’s content included. All the SEO effects achieved through email are indirect. We understand what it takes to do an email broadcast without your company being labeled as a spammer. We will break up email broadcasts to keep your company under the spam radar.

Our Email Marketing Services

  • Email design and creation
  • Email reporting analytics
  • A dedicated email domain and IP
  • Email content creation
  • Email graphic design
  • Responsive email design

Email is Cost and Results Effective

An email campaign will not put your company over budget. Email is possibly the most cost-effective way to reach your customers. There is no cost in compiling a mailing list. Email offers a high return on investment when compared to paid advertising like PPC, print ads, or TV and radio advertisements. Return on investment from email campaigns can be up to thirty times greater than the initial investment. Email lets you reach millions of potential customers at a meager cost. No other form of digital marketing is so cost-friendly and so wide-reaching.

Let Us Handle Your Email Marketing

We have what it takes to create an email marketing campaign that gets the results you want. We will compose and send emails that will build your brand and generate repeat business. Our emails will use attention-grabbing copy that will connect with your customers. Don’t put off a powerful email campaign any longer! Contact us at either 844.521.0078 or fill out our convenient online contact form. A member of our friendly staff will be happy to discuss a cost-effective and productive email campaign with you. Don’t wait, act today!