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Content Marketing Services. It’s not enough to just have eye-popping graphics and a fast loading website; you need content that connects with your customers and catches the attention of search engines. You need optimized content that builds your brand and bottom line at the same time.

The first step in content marketing is to identify who the customers are to which your company wants to market. Once you start on your content marketing campaign, the first step is to know who are your most likely customers; in order to do this, Incend Media will create a customer profile for the type of consumers to which you want to sell. It is more likely to hit your target demographic when you have identified them and what motivates them. At Incend Media, we will create content that will keep visitors coming back and converts those visits into sales.

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What is Content?

In the past, when someone referred to content on a website, they were talking about copywriting, which is still valid, but excellent content is so much more than using the right keywords. Today, content is a multifaceted term that applies to several components of digital marketing. Along with carefully chosen keywords, things such as a strong call to action placed in the right place are what makes the difference between a sale and a customer bouncing. Graphics, videos, hero images, animated gifs, and infographics all play a part in crafting highly optimized content.

With the complexities of running an SEO campaign at the same time, you are trying to ensure that visitors to your site become customers. You need a digital marketing agency with the experience and knowhow to create a website with great content.

Our Content Marketing Services

Page Content

At Incend Media, we know copywriting, and graphic design should focus on the long term and focus on classic design over a trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. Using conversational yet professional on-page content conveys your brand and bolsters your SEO campaign.  We will use H1 tags so that your content not only reads well; it won’t be invisible to search engines. By using high-quality copy, will retain visitors interest and keep them coming back to your site for more.

Engaging Blogs

Including a blog on your site will allow you to connect with customers on a new level. By providing useful and appealing content, you are creating a source your customers will come to see as a reliable resource. You can establish your company’s expertise in your field or industry by blogging about behind the scenes information that both builds your brand and converts. Each blog written with the right kind and amount of keywords will drive traffic from search engine results pages to your site.  As an established authority on specific subjects, you will be seen as a trustworthy source of information. Your blog will provide enough information to your customers to give them the push they need to purchase your goods or services.

Captivating Product Copywriting

Well written product descriptions can be the difference between a customer converting and leaving because your site seems too spammy.  It is vital to espouse the virtues of your goods or services without sounding as if it is a scam. Conversely, having copy that is flat and fails to convince visitors to convert.  Worse, sub-par digital marketing agencies may take a cut and paste approach to copywriting that will get you blacklisted with search engines such as Google and Bing. When copy is plagiarized, it fails to accurately convey how your product will improve a customer’s life. Good product description will also establish why your product is superior to your competitor’s product.

Compelling Email Marketing

If you think the days of email marketing are a thing of the past, you are sorely mistaken. In some recent studies, email was proven to be a more powerful marketing tool than social media. It was found that email produces more conversions than any of the social media platforms. Consumers trust their email, especially when it comes from a trusted source such as a mailing list for which they signed up.

We understand the importance of an email campaign at Incend Media. We will send customers personalized and informative emails that let them know about a new product your company has introduced or an upcoming sale. Our eye-catching graphics will ensure that your customers will want to read the email once they have opened it.

We will ensure that your emails can be read on any device such as smartphones and tablets or laptops and PCs. Optimizing content for mobile devices means your customer will read the email on their phone as they ride home from work on a bus or train.

We will personalize email messages so that your customer won’t feel like they are receiving spam. Once the emails have been sent, we will track their effectiveness and apply what we have learned into the next batch of emails.

Informative Press Releases

Press releases remain a useful way to get news about your goods or services into the public conciseness. It makes your announcement visible to radio stations, TV newsrooms, and newspapers. Press releases can be used in conjunction with your other marketing campaign to maximize results.  We can compose concise but informative news releases that are sure to be read.

We are the Content Marketing Experts

At Incend Media, we create top-flight content that will connect with customers and produce conversions. We will enact a plan of action that enhances your brand and reaches your core customers. We will provide content with mesmerizing graphics and attention-holding copy. Why tolerate poor content on your website a day longer? Contact us now at either 844.521.0078 or fill out our convenient online contact form. One of our friendly staff will be happy to discuss how to improve your website’s content. Don’t hesitate, act now!