Geofence Marketing

Geofence Proximity Marketing Gives You the Advantage

It almost seems unfair to your competitors when you understand how geofence marketing can give you an advantage. Let’s say you are a health food store and have a competitor across town who is doing the same amount of business as your store. With geofence marketing, you can create virtual boundaries around your competitor, say such as their parking lot and building. When a potential customer drives into their parking lot, they will receive a push notification informing them of a sale at your store, or it could be a discount you extend. That means every time someone reaches your competitor’s store; they are enticed to leave and come to your store. By using geofence marketing in that way, you are also building brand awareness among the public in a way that is fresh and unique.

Geofence Marketing Can

Proximity Targeting

Use proximity targeting to reach people around a business. It gives users within a 0.1-3 mile radius around your business directions to drive them inside.

Target the Competition

Reach a customized list of competitors’ locations. Target people who have visited your competitor locations.

Reach Past Customers

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation For example, reach users bucketed as Millennials, contractors, working moms, etc.

Measure Business Visits

Measure in-store visits to calculate return on ad spend. Calculate ROAS based on the number of store visits that resulted from your ad campaign.

The same idea is an excellent way to build a clientele for a start-up business. Even if your potential customer reads your push notification and proceeds to purchase something from your competitor, perhaps it will make them aware of your location which is closer to their home or job, and they will choose to use you in the future.

You can also use geofence marketing at your location, letting customers know what is on sale or a discount for buying a certain number of items. You can also send a friendly greeting when someone walks through your doors, such as “Thank you for being a valued customer.”

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Geofence Marketing Can Give You Real-World Analytics

One of the advantages of using geofence marketing is that you can choose to pinpoint your retail location or locations to ascertain how much foot traffic comes into your store at any hour, day of the week, or month of the year. This data lets you decide what store hours are the best when to offer specials to generate more physical visits and if more people go to the store after a television or radio ad has aired.

Geofence marketing gives you the ability to reach hundreds to millions of potential customers on their mobile devices. This new and effective method is the future of marketing in the digital age.  Never before has it been so easy to reach your target demographic in such a direct way. To apricate how effective this new marketing method is, you need to take a more in-depth look.

Limitless Applications

There are seemingly a limitless number of applications in how you use in geofence marketing. It all depends on imagination and determination. When used correctly, this can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to reach potential customers and collect data that can be sued to improve your bottom line. It gives you a clear advantage over your competitors who chose not to use Geofence Marketing.

A pizza shop located next to a hospital can send a push notification to each person who enters their parking lot, letting them know they are open twenty-four hours and deliver. Conversely, a personal injury law firm might see the same hospital as a target-rich environment for new clients. The firm can use geofence marketing to let victims of car crashes that they can represent them. It can be used in a seasonal application as well; the owners of a Christmas tree lot can target a store where ornaments are sold. In this way, geofence marketing can be symbiotic. The owner of the Christmas tree lot can even make a deal with the store selling ornaments and notify their customers of the store with push a push notification centered at the lot.

An organizer of an exhibition such as a car show can set up push notifications centered on nearby hotels. At the same time a guest gets to their room they will receive a notice about the car show.

How Does Geofence Marketing Work?

Geofence marketing may seem like something out of a movie set in the distant future, but the technology exists here today. A geofence is not a physical fence like a chain-link fence or a barbed-wire fence. The boundaries that exist in geofence marketing are virtual ones. GPS mapping is used to pinpoint where your push notifications will occur. Geofence marketing may also include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking to set boundaries on the area you have targeted. The parameters you set for your target area can be expanded or shrunk based upon need. Geofence marketing is dynamic, and the boundaries are dynamic, which allows you to reach more potential customers.

Key GeoFencing Marketing Benefits

Only Requires Mobile Location Services

Does Not Require Physical Becons

Location Files Import / Export

90% of User have Location Services On

Granular Location Sizes

Target Visitors for 1 or 30 Days

Serve Ads Across 100K+ App's.

Retarget Visitors

The technology behind geofence marketing may seem a cutting edge and somewhat experimental, but it is a proven technology that has been around for decades. In the early use of geofence technology, it was used for things like keeping track of boxcars and what shipments they contained. Or if a rancher had a heard of cows that wandered off his property it allowed the cowboys tasked with herding them to quickly and easily locate the missing bovines. As time progressed, geofence was used to manage a company’s transportation fleet as it moved from state to state and across international borders. Geofence technology is still in use for those kinds of purposes today.

Build Your Brand and Get Ahead of Your Competition with Geofence Marketing

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