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If you want to build a customer base and your brand, you need a digital marketing agency that thoroughly knows all aspects of digital marketing. You are fighting a battle with your competitors for your target demographics’ attention. If you are not using every tool available in digital marketing to grow your business, you will fall behind the competition.

At Incend Media, we know how what, when, and why of digital marketing. We know that it is a constantly changing field that has grown exponentially over the past two decades. We know what it takes to get and hold a potential customer’s attention. You can no longer use things like banner ads alone to reach your customers. A comprehensive approach to digital marketing is needed to truly increase the number of site visits, and to convert those visits into sales.
Our clients continue to trust us to provide cutting edge digital marketing services that v lets them expand their customer base and their bottom line. Here Various areas of Digital Marketing we use.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Perhaps the most effective way to push traffic to your website is SEO marketing. Most internet users go to a site like Google or Bing to get on the internet and will usually pick a business from the first results page. At Incend Media, our digital marketing team optimizes content using relevant keywords so that your company’s website shows up higher on the results page in searches.  We will do the research to find out who your core customers are and what specific keywords they use.

We also stay on top of changes at Google, so we can craft content that will bring visitors to your site. Also we know how to avoid drawing Google’s ire by doing things like keyword packing. We won’t take shortcuts that could land your website on search engine blacklists. Digital Marketing Services

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is another highly effective way to reach your customers. Marketing with PPC is an ad on a search engine or social media platform that lets you connect with customers who are seeking a good or service your company provides. PPC is a straightforward and productive way to reach your customers. Basically, PPC is a brief ad that espouses why a customer should choose your company for their needs. As with SEO, our digital marketing team will research who your core customers are, the best keywords to reach them, and where they live on the internet.

Content Marketing

We know that improving your SEO and PPC will be a fruitless effort if the content on your site is lackluster. If your website looks like it was designed by the office manager with publishing software, then you can be sure your bounce rate will be a high one. Incend Media understands to capture a customer’s interest your site needs to combine vivid, attention-grabbing graphics and interesting but concise content.  Throughout any web page, a call to action (CTA) is required, and we will ensure that your website has powerful CTAs where they need to be.  Our digital marketing team will work hand in hand with our web design team for a seamless interface of marketing and design.

Social Media

In this age of social media, it cannot be ignored as a potential forge for new customers. The plethora of social media platforms online gives your company ample opportunity to build its brand and grow recognition among your target audience. Our digital marketing team will help you to better interact with customers and provide the right kind of content that makes your post stand out from the deluge of others. We will use brand-specific iconography, language, colors, and photos to hone your company’s brand. We will take advantage of trending hashtags relevant to your business to attract the attention of potential customers.

Social media is an excellent way to drive customers to your website.  We will use backlinks to your site to increase traffic while improving your SEO at the same time. Having great content that is shared among users will not only increase interest in your brand, increase traffic, but it will also bee seen as search engines as proof your site deserves a higher ranking.

Email Marketing

It’s been over 25 years since the dawn of the internet as we know it today. In all of that time, many modes of marketing have come and gone, but one type of marketing has remained consistently strong over the years- email marketing. If you have been collecting customer emails at your eCommerce store checkout, then you have a valuable resource. With your email list, you can update customers on important events and changes at your company. You can alert customers to upcoming sales by email or announce new goods or services. Email marketing can also boost your SEO campaign when you include a link to your website with it.

Our digital marketing team can write informative and engaging emails that won’t land in a customer’s spam filter. We know what keywords will be flagged as spam and will ensure they are not used. We also know what times are best to send an email and how often.  As with search engines, the key is not to be blacklisted.  Our team will compose emails that build your brand and result in increased sales.

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At Incend Media, we will take the time to get to know your business. Our digital marketing team will devise a plan of action based on your brand and who your core customers are. We will use all of the marketing tools available to increase both your company’s visibility and profits. Contact us now at either 844.521.0078 or fill out our convenient online contact form. One of our digital marketing team will be happy to discuss how to push more visitors to your website. Act now!