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Who is Jenfab Cleaning Solutions

Parts Washers – In the simplest terms we build machines that clean parts and components for a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, manufacturing, and automotive.

An industry leader since 1960, Jenfab was one of the first manufacturers of aqueous industrial parts washers in the country. Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, Jenfab manufactures automatic parts washers for customers that have stringent cleaning standards or those with light or heavy-duty cleaning needs.

Our comprehensive product line ranges from small-footprint cabinet washers to large, in-line, fully automated conveyor belt, dip agitation, and rotary drum washers. In addition, we manufacture immersion parts washers that include options for ultrasonics, rotating baskets, or spray under immersion. Customization is also one of our specialties. So, if you can’t find a parts washer that fits your needs, we can design and build one for you. Quality. Longevity. Innovation. This is what makes Jenfab the number one name in parts washing.

Incend Media Notes:

JenFab Cleaning Solutions enlisted the help of the Incend Media team to build a new website that converged two companies into one. Formally JRI Industries and Jensen Fabrication became JenFab. This included a new distributor portal, shopping system, and CRM integration. Additional consultation includes marketing planning and execution. Not sure what you need to grow your business? Contact us today!

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