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Who is the Young Life – Discipleship Focus

Many Christian leaders believe the first few years after high school are a critical period for Christian students, when they face serious stresses or challenges to their faith, needing a solid theology, spiritual mentoring, and the support of other believers.

Discipleship Focus is a 501c3 with a strong working affiliation with Young Life. Every summer we offer Christian college students a summer work/study program that includes jobs at Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE) theme parks, housing, community, and discipleship for 10 weeks. The students live together in cabins, work together, have Bible studies, small group fellowship, receive mentoring, and enjoy evening activities, all coordinated by a group of committed, caring adults.

The real strength of the program is the discipling, said program founder and director Will Wyatt. “Evangelism is primarily proclamation; discipleship involves more modeling, and we’re the most privileged people in Young Life to have 10 weeks to dialogue and fellowship with the students,” he said.

Get ready for a summer that will change your life forever.

Discipleship Focus features an all-summer discipleship program that combines the real-life elements of work, biblical studies and nurturing, the support of a Christian community, and the opportunity for friendship evangelism.

The purpose of the program is for participants to grow in an abiding, dependent relationship with Jesus Christ. Many maturing and teachable young men and women who are seeking God’s leading have found this program to be a life-changing experience as they have established a firm foundation out of which flows ministry and service.

“It has become so much easier and desirable to trust God with absolutely everything, even when it is scary or when it doesn’t seem to make sense.”

“God really truly loves me. I’ve heard it a lot before, but it moved from head knowledge to heart knowledge.”

“I have learned a lot about God’s sovereignty and grace, His power and love. He doesn’t need me but desires me. I have learned to find my significance in Him alone and to be totally in love with Him.”

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