george lamelza

George Lamelza

Senior Managing Advisor

George Lamelza is universally known as an innovative entrepreneur who has successfully grown brands with a focus on the convergence of technology and marketing.

He was the co-founder of the top 20 website hosting giant Anet and, after the successful growth, merged with Team Media. He assumed the top post of Chief Executive Officer and continued to oversee the company’s growth until its successful acquisition in 2007.

Lamelza is a founding member of Incend Limited Liability Company whose holdings include entities engaged in the industries of advertisingmarketingautomotiveventure capitalretailtechnology, and consulting services.

In 2008 Lamelza was a founding member of the Orlando Sports Foundation, Inc and the AutoNation CureBowl and continues to serve as a board member providing expertise for technology and marketing strategy.

Lamelza is a member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and has been recognized by the Business Journal as one of Missouri’s top professionals. In 2013 he received the MCCA Technology Innovation Award for web design in Higher Education and the 2017 Medallion award from NCMPR. In 2018 he was honored by the Football Bowl Association as the Volunteer of the year.

He is a frequent judge in various media venues, including the Davey AwardsThe Communicator Awards, and the Miss America pageants.

His broad expertise continues to provide results to organizations seeking to position themselves with the next generation of technology with a marketing-focused strategy in a digital media world.